It's time to celebrate the 91st birthday of the CDL! There will be lots and lots of fun activities, you don't want to miss! Everyday another movie will be the theme for that day. For some activities it's necessary to sign up. See the links below: 

Monday 15/05 Opening Drinks
Order your dinner here

Tuesday 16/06 Verkieizngs ALV
Order your pizza here

Wednesday 17/05 Be like Tarzan! 
Dies Climbing Sign up here

Thursday 18/05 BBQ + Party 
Sign up for the BBQ here
Buy tickets for the party at the CDL room or at the door

Friday 19/05 The Hangover 
Registration is not necessary! 

Saturday 20/05 Pool Party 
Buy tickets for the pool party at the CDL room or at the door

Monday 22/05
Nalco Lunchlecture sign up here for free lunch
The Dies and the Chocolate Factory, sign up here

Tuesday 23/05 The Oscars 
Free entrance

See you at the 91st CDL Dies!