About us


About the association

The CDL is the studyassociation for the students of the bachelor Molecular Science and Technology (MST) at Leiden University and the TU Delft and the master Chemistry at Leiden University and has been around since the 20th of May 1926. In 2023, the associations has around 800 members and 6 honourary members. Every year, the CDL organises a multitude of activities such as the labcoat-try-on-day (labjas-pasdag), excursions, guest-lectures, parties, drinks, and studytrips. All these activities create a close bond between our members and help in job orientation in the chemical sector. 

First years students have extra activities dedicated to them. At the freshers weekend in August they have to opportunity to meet their fellow first years and meet the study association. Later in the year, the first years committee (EC) and the sport committee (SportCie) organise activities for the freshmen and the other committees organise activities for all. All in all, there is plenty to do at the CDL!

CDL Activities

How do you keep up to date with the activities we organise? One of the ways to find out what we have planned is through our Instagram page! Furthermore the ab actis sends out an activitymail every two weeks. Twice a year the Chimica Acta Lugduni is sent out to all members that opt in to receive it. Besides short written pieces about past activities, the Chimica also contains information for and by students and can be found digitally on our site!

Het CDL (Board)room

The CDL (board)room can be found in the corridor between the Huygens and the LUMY. Besides being the boardroom where the board resides and performs its tasks, this is also a place to unwind and chat. Come and get a free cup of coffee or tea with your study friends, inquire about activities or come and have a chat! The (board)room is open every weekday from 9.00 h - 17.00 h.

FooBar Drinks

Have you had a hard week, or are you tired after a full day in the lab? Join us for drinks in the FooBar every Thursday! The FooBar is opened for all students and employees of the faculty between 17.00 h and 23.00 h. They serve a wide variety of soft drinks, various changing beers and a pilsner only costs €1,10!