Confidential Mentors

Confidential mentors of the Chemisch Dispuut Leiden

Are you dealing with unwanted behaviour within the study association or do you just want to talk to someone? Contact one of the confidential mentors the CDL has to offer. You can contact them for any situation such as, but not limited to, discrimination, bullying, (sexual) intimidation, stalking or any uncomfortable situation. 

Our confidential mentors are there to give you advice and support and they have a duty of confidentiality. They will give you attention and are understanding. The confidential mentors can also redirect you to other aid organisations or care professionals. 

Important to know: The confidential mentors are not professional caregivers and are strictly there to lend an ear and redirect you if necessary. There are also a lot of other ways to contact someone if you are in need. There is a poster on the door of the boardroom where you can see which person you can contact if you are dealing with a certain problem. If you have any questions regarding the confidential mentors, you can contact them or the board by sending an e-mail. 

We have three confidential mentors at the moment:


  • Kayleigh Peschier

    Kayleigh is a 2nd year bachelor student. You can contact her by mailing:

  • Joost Lansbergen

    Joost is a 4th year bachelor student. He is 22 years old and is currently the quaestor of the 91st board. You can contact him by mailing:

  • Kane Zuiderduin

    Kane is a 4th year bachelor student. He is 21 years old and was the commissioner of education of the 90th board. You can contact him by mailing: