National Energy Traineeship

The energy transition is a complex task. It is a technical, economic, social, legal and spatial issue in which many different parties are involved. Achieving the climate goals by 2050 requires major system changes in the energy sector, the built environment, industry, agriculture and mobility. There is a need for an integrated approach. To achieve this, all parties involved in the energy transition must develop insight and understanding of each other's language, business models, interests and working methods. In collaboration with these parties, the National Energy Traineeship trains a network of professionals. A close-knit group of talents with substantive knowledge and developed skills who are ready for this integrated approach.

Once you have completed the two-year process, you are a self-managing professional. You have knowledge of the broad field of energy transition and you can fulfill a unique position in the field based on your personal leadership, plus the knowledge and skills you have acquired. You have learned that cooperation is needed between the different parties and disciplines. You have insight into the language, interests and working methods of these parties. You are part of a network, a close-knit group of professionals, who are ready for this integrated approach.

Are you ambitious and do you want to develop yourself further and contribute to the energy transition? Then register for the National Energy Traineeship.