Company visit DowDuPont

On Tuesday May the 15th the CDL will go to DowDuPont! The unique combination of agricultural, biotechnology, chemical and material science capabilities allows DuPont Industrial Biosciences to deliver cost-effective products with superior performance and sustainability aspects to a range of industries. Did you know that DowDuPont is located just around the corner of the Gorlaeus building? We are in ... Read More

Geplaatst: May 03, 2018 | 14:37

AkzoNobel Color Workshop

On Monday the 7th of May AkzoNobel and the CDL are organizing a 'AkzoNobel Color Workshop'. During this interactive workshop you will learn everything about the impact of color. The workshop will be given by Stephanie Kraneveld. Stephanie is Global Color Knowledge & Training Manager and gives interactive trainings all over the world about colors and their impact. She has several projects like 'Let ... Read More

Geplaatst: May 03, 2018 | 12:00

FeminiCie Lacrosse Workshop

Is lacrosse on your bucketlist? Great! Is it not yet? Well, put in on there, because on May 2nd the Feminicie will be organising a lacrosse workshop for all ladies! After two fun activities with food, it's time for some exercise. And trust us, exercising is much more fun when it's lacrosse! On top of that, the activity will be held at the field of the USC, so next to the Gorlaeus. And because e... ... Read More

Geplaatst: Apr 28, 2018 | 19:36

CDL & LIFE Career Evening

On the 30th of April it is time for the annual CDL & LIFE career evening! Do you have no idea what your future can look like? Do you want to explore your career opportunities? Then join this evening by signing up! During the evening several life science and chemistry related companies will give a presentation about their work field and the career opportunities. Afterwards there will be networki... ... Read More

Geplaatst: Apr 23, 2018 | 00:17

Charity Cake Lunch

Come to the Science Cub during the lunchbreak for a delicious lunch with all kinds of cake! The money is for charity and will go to the Foundation of Refugee Students. They support and counsel highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands. While enjoying the cake, two refugee students of Chemistry will share their experiences with us. So eating food while doing good! Check the FB event for more infor ... Read More

Geplaatst: Apr 19, 2018 | 00:00

TOPdesk DISC training

After the succes of last year, the CDL is invited by TOPdesk for another workshop! This time we'll learn how to become a teamplayer using the principles of DISC. Using Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Conscientiousness as topics that make us aware what reasons we have behind decision making to learn how to work best within a team. The training is in the new building of TOPdesk (Westlandseweg ... Read More

Geplaatst: Apr 13, 2018 | 00:00

Hertentamen trainingen CTD en FCK

Ook in de herkansingsweek van de derde periode organiseert het CDL weer haar bekende hertentamentrainingen! Deze periode zal er op maandag 16 april een hertentamentraining voor FCK worden georganiseerd, en op dinsdag 17 april een training voor het vak CTD. Meer informatie over de trainingen kun je vinden op de pagina van het evenement: FCK en CTD. ... Read More

Geplaatst: Apr 11, 2018 | 12:00

Vacature Assessor FWN

Word jij de nieuwe Assessor van de Faculteit Wiskunde & Natuurwetenschappen? Als student-lid van het faculteitsbestuur behartig je de belangen van de studenten van onze faculteit. Je houdt je onder meer  bezig met vraagstukken op het gebied van kwaliteit van het onderwijs en studentenmedezeggenschap en je bent het aanspreekpunt voor de studieverenigingen. Je vertegenwoordigt de faculteit in divers ... Read More

Geplaatst: Apr 01, 2018 | 00:00

Ask Alumni!

Ask Alumni! Join the Leiden University Mentor Network for free advice from former Leiden students about your choice of master, internships, applying for a job, work place visits and more. On the online platform you can find hundreds of Leiden alumni in all kinds of professions and with varying backgrounds. Want to find out how to best prepare yourself for the job market? Choose your own mentor ... ... Read More

Geplaatst: Mar 31, 2018 | 12:00

CDL Tapt! theme drink: Spring Break

[English below] Het koude winterweer heeft plaatsgemaakt voor het mooie, zachte lenteweer, en om te vieren dat we weer van de zon kunnen genieten en alle bloeiende bloemen organiseert het CDL een themaborrel: Spring Break! Neem je zonnebril en ander spetterend vakantiemateriaal mee naar de Science Club op donderdag 12 april en drink een lekker koud biertje, speciaalbiertje of frisje mee! ___ ... Read More

Geplaatst: Mar 31, 2018 | 12:00