Wetsus Excursion

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In the field of water (process) technology, breakthrough technological developments are required to solve global threats and challenges in society🌍. Wetsus offers an internationally unique master program in water process technology in collaboration with 3 universities (WUR, UT and RUG). With courses in Transport Phenomena, Phusical Chemistry and Water Microbiology this master encourages a high level of interdisciplinary knowledge🧪. They also offer interesting internships for both MSc and BSc students and have PhD positions.

On the 28th of November we will be visiting Wetsus in Leeuwarden. During this excursion we visit a wastewater treatment plant, have a Lab/building tour, have lunch, listen to PhD presentations and a talk by the MSc. Water Technology. We will close the day around 16.30h, after which we can (on own initiative) enjoy a drink and dinner in Leeuwarden😁! 

The train will depart from Leiden Centraal at 8:17h and we will arrive back in Leiden around 20.00h. It will be a busy day with a lot of fun and interesting topics🤩!

P.S. In Leeuwarden we will need a bike to go to the wastewater treatment plant, you can get an OV-bike at the station (sharing is possible, it's only 2km by bike)