MaCo PhD or not to PhD

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Dear master students,
You are nearing the end of your studies and are approaching the job market quickly. However, there is still a major question you need to answer for yourself. Do you want to do a PhD?
To help you in figuring out the answer to this question the MaCo is organising a ‘PhD or not to PhD?’ evening on the 18th of March. During this evening several speakers, who either did or did not do a PhD, will tell you about the reasoning behind their choices.  
The evening will start at 18:00 and will be held at the Foobar. 
You can sign up using the link below. In the registration form you can also order a meal from Woo Ping, but you’re free to bring your own food.
We hope to see you there!
Kind regards,
MaCo 23-24