Buy your Dies Passe-Partout

Geplaatst in Activiteiten, Algemeen op 02-05-2019


The DIES week is getting closer and closer, so we would like to announce the entire program of this week to you.
On Monday the dies week will start with a BBQ and silent disco party in the NEXT. Tuesday afternoon there will be a Vinyl & Chill in the Science club where you can relax and listen to different vinyl records which you will have brought yourself. In the evening your knowledge will be tested with a disco quiz. On Wednesday the “election ALV” will take place. The first week will end with a DiesCover citygame in Leiden. 
The following Monday the big activity will take place, this year we will go to a Comedy show in the comedy café in Amsterdam. The show will be in English. The dies week will be closed with the dies reception and party in Quintus on Tuesday. The day after there will be a recovery day in the Science club.

If you want to go to all the activities during the DIES week you can buy a passe-partout for only 25 euros. For now you can sign up for a passe-partout at the hok but a googleform list will also be posted soon!

We are looking forward to it and hope to see you all throughout the week!