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Are you interested in joining one of the committees of the CDL next year, fill in the form!

To help you decide what committee would fit you and your interests best, here is a small overview of our committees:

Buurlandenreis committee: Every year the CDL visits one of our neighbouring countries, coming year the trip will go to Belgium! Do you want to organise a trip which contains visits to companies and universities as well as cultural outings? Then this committee suits you. This committee is only for second year students (next year!). 

EJWcie: The EJWcie is responsible for organising the introduction weekend for all upcoming first year students of MST. It is a shared committee with the TG and this is one of the most demanding committees we have to offer. Especially because you will spend the better part of the summer working on this weekend, but ask anyone who has organised the EJW, it is worth it! This committee is also only open for students who will go into their second year next year.

FotoCie: A very low-intensity committee which basically provides the board with some trusted people to hand the camera during CDL activities. So are you often present at activities and do you like to shoot some pictures? Then give up interest for the FotoCie.

Master committee: Like the name suggests, this committee organised activities for master students, by master students. These events are not only recreational, but some of then also have a career minded character. Examples of activities are a beer tasting and brewery tour, an international potluck dinner, a 'PhD or not to PhD' orientation evening, lunch lectures, etc. 

ArchiefCie: Would you like to dive into the history of the CDL while helping us organise our archive and digitize past editions of the Chimica? Then join the ArchiefCie! Experience shows that the nights spent in the archive are usually paired with recreational activities and drinks!

Chimica: You have undoubtedly seen our association magazine, the Chimica Acta Lugduni, appear on your doorstep a few times a year. The Chimica editorial board is always looking for more creative students who want to help with collecting stories, writing articles, working on design and creating a cover. In addition you will obtain skills working with InDesign and Photoshop!  

CollectCie: In the past years, the CollectCie has chosen a cause for which they collect money throughout the year. For example by organising lunches or selling snacks during Thursday drinks. Coming year, in addition to supporting a charity, other things will be done in the spirit of social awareness. 

FeminiCie: The FeminiCie is a committee in which female students organise activities for other female students, and these can be anything! A highlight of the year is the Ladies Career Night, during which female representatives of companies will join you during a dinner and share their stories about their careers and current work. 

OJWcie: One of the most fun weekends of the year is the OJW. During the OJW, all second year students and older are invited to spent the weekend together. There are usually some activities planned, but the main objective is just to hang out together and have fun! 

TraktaatCie: Do you like cooking and baking? Or would you like to experience what it is like to cook a fancy dinner for a large group of people? Then join the TraktaatCie! This committee usually organises one large dinner for the entire association and they are also responsible for provided snacks during the general assemblies. 

AkCie: The AkCie is the general activity committee, they organise multiple fun events during the year. Besides, the AkCie carries responsibility for the organisation of the annual CDL christmas dinner and party and the annual faculty wide soccer tournament. 

M.A.T.C.H. committee: The M.A.T.C.H., the 'Majestueuze Activiteiten Toernooi voor Chemisch Hoogopgeleiden', is an activities/games/whatever you want tournament. It is open for students of all years. The committee as a lot of freedom to fill this in any way they choose, so are you creative and do you like to keep your fellow students busy? Then the M.A.T.C.H. committee is for you!

CRC: One of the pillars of the CDL is maintaining the quality of education of MST. There are a lot of different ways in which we do this, one of them is the College Response Committees (CRC), these are groups of students from each year who come together twice in an educational period to talk about their subjects. The commissioner of education will then communicate the outcomes to the director of education and our educational committee.

Tappersgilde: Every month or so the CDL is asked to man the bar in the Science Club during the Thursday afternoon drinks. Do you like providing your fellow students, PhDs, professors and other people with drinks? Then join the Tappersgilde.

Science Gala: Together with students of the other four study associations of the faculty the annual Science Gala is held. Do you like organising a large party for all students of the faculty? Give up interest for this committee!

Faculty Party: Besides a gala, the five associations of the faculty also organise a regular party yearly. So would you like to organise a party, but a gala is not for you? Then join this committee! 

Open mic night committee: Would you like to support your creatively talented fellow students by providing them with a stage to broadcast their act? Do you like organising activities together with students of other programmes in the faculty? Then join the Open mic night committee!

PAC symposium board: The PAC symposium is organized by chemistry students from Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam and Leiden University. As the board you are responsible for organizing the PAC symposium that takes place on the first Thursday of March, 2021. Participation in the board can easily be combined with a full-time study.
The PAC board has seven different functions. The chairman keeps an overview of everything that needs to be done. The secretary takes notes of the meetings and ensures order in the mailbox and the drive. As treasurer you manage the money and the commissioner of acquisition takes care of sponsors and maintains contact with them. The commissioner of speakers is looking for speakers during the symposium and as commissioner of location and logistics, you are responsible for the organization of the rooms and materials on the location. The commissioner of (web) design maintains the social media, updates the website and designs the logos and other promotional materials.
If you are interested, you can send your motivation letter and CV to If you want more information about the board, you can also email them.

BBM board: The Science Career Event (BBM) is looking for a new board! Do you want to gain experience in organizing a large event? Are you looking for developments besides your studies? And would you like to be the link between 1200 students and 50+ partner companies? Then the BBM board might be something for you. During the year, you are responsible for the largest career event in Leiden, you expand your network and you work closely with fellow students and the faculty. The board is part-time, 15-20 hours a week, which means that you can continue studying as well. You can apply for the following positions: chairman, secretary, treasurer, commissioner Bio Science Park, logistics, promotion and IT. Are you interested? Apply for a position within the 37th board of the Science Career Event by sending a motivation letter and CV to 

De Brouwmeesters: One sub association of the CDL keeps busy by brewing original beers! Would you like to join a groups of people who come together a few times per year to brew beer while enjoying a drink yourself? Join the brouwmeesters! 

L.C.D. Prisma: Prisma stands for diversity and inclusion, and everyone is welcome to join. Joining Prisma means zero commitment, it is just a fun group of people who sometimes come together to have fun!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us!

In the form you can indicate your commitee(s) of interest!