Master Ice Skating!

Geplaatst in Activiteiten, Algemeen op 22-02-2018


As you all know, the Olympics are currently being held in PyeongChang, South-Korea. Throughout these Olympics the Netherlands has won a ton of medals, doing what we do best: Skating! Obviously we are almost as good as the Olympians and we thought it would be nice to show everyone our incredible (or more likely our absolutely terrible) skating skills. Join us!

The event will be in Schaatshal Leiden and the entry fee is only 1 euro! For those who do not have their own skates and wish to rent them, you can do this for only €4,50 if you sign up before 17:00h on Monday the 26th. Otherwise you'll pay €6,50 at the skating hall on Tuesday. We hope to see you there!

Please sign up for this event!