Are you afraid that you will forget to place your online orders via our Sponsorkliks page? Then install a browser extension that reminds you of this!

How does the extension work?

It is important that you first install the extension from the Chrome Web Store and then set the commission to go to CDL.

Suppose you go directly to (so you forget to do this via the Sponsorkliks page of your sponsor goal) then a pop up will appear that lets you make a choice whether you want to sponsor your sponsor goal or not this time. As soon as you choose "Yes, I sponsor for free" you will be redirected to the shop's website and a commission for CDL will be honoured after a purchase.

You can also select particular web shops. As soon as you select these, they will appear in the bookmarks bar of your browser. As soon as you want to make a purchase for one of these web shops, click on the order button of the relevant store and the purchase will automatically benefit the set sponsor goal.

Click here to install the Chrome version (also for Edge).